Important News & Events

Ed Witkowski, Husband of Gail Gerson, Passed Away

It is with great regret we report the death of Gail Gerson Witkowski's husband, Ed Witkowski, on Friday, August 23rd of a heart attack. Gail was in a rehab center to recover from hip replacement surgery. His death was a sudden shock to Gail, her family and friends. His funeral was August 28 at Saint James Catholic Church, Red Bank.  In lieu of flowers, friends can donate to a  Go Fund Account, see Gail  Gerson Witkowski.  The Garden State Journalists sends its condolences to Gail, a long-time and active member.


GSJA Officer/Trustees Meeting:

At a meeting of our officers and trustees this past August, the following was decided: The GSJA will no longer pay for wine at restaurants that have liquor licenses. It has become too expensive. We will bring out own wine to those venues that do not have a liquor license.  We will continue to pay for entertainment at the Holiday Party.  We will no longer have any meetings in the summer, due to a lack of interest. All pledged to get our members and friends to future meetings.