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7th Annual Gershowitz Conference on Media and Democratic Governance

November 9th

Theme: Redefining Reality: The Intellectual Implications of Living in a Post-Truth World

Plato and Aristotle – two of the most influential philosophers who ever lived, have a different conceptualization of reality. According to Plato, reality resides in an abstract world of forms that can only be perceived by the mind; while for Aristotle, the reality is right here in this world.

No subject is bigger than reality itself, and nothing is more challenging to understand since what counts as reality is undergoing continual revision and has been for centuries, it is not surprising that we continue to encounter different versions of reality.

For example, the definition of what is real or fake confounds understanding, considering the massive assault on truth. Some people, especially political leaders, use the term “fake news” to describe news reports that are unfavorable to them while others twist facts and call them “alternative facts.”

As the famous US Senator from New York, the late Patrick Moynihan reminded us “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

It is against this background that the 2018 Gershowitz Conference on Media and Democratic Governance seeks to explore through discussion and debates the mission of journalism in the discovery of truth and reflection of reality.

The conference will bring together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners from different disciplines (economics, sociology, public administration, political economy, business, anthropology, law, political science, information technology, journalism, education, etc.) to collectively explore the multiple dimensions of journalism practice and genocide in an era of growing hate speech, bigotry, political polarization, and social exclusion. Conference participants are expected to suggest concrete strategies on how credible information can enhance probity and accountability for truth. Developing these strategies will require a close collaboration between the media, civil society organizations, and other key stakeholders. Register Here


At the recent annual meeting of GSJA officers and trustees, it was decided to end our relationship with The Chart House, due to a loss at the 2018 dinner, less than spectacular attendance and other issues.  With the closing of traffic ramps for repairs, the difficulty in getting to The Chart House will further deter attendees.  We will keep you posted as to the new locale, but we can tell you it will be on a mid-week night in May.  We will be presenting our journalism awards and our scholarship award. More later.

Treasury Report

Bill Slossar, our treasurer, reports that as of 7/2/18, we have a balance of $7,558 in our coffers.